Skye McKenna – Author of the Hedgewitch Series

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“Magical in every sense of the word” – Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl

Cassie Morgan has always loved reading about faeries and witches, but never believed they were real until she discovers the magical village of Hedgely and the vast enchanted forest of the Hedge.

Join Cassie, Rue and Tabitha in the Hedgely Coven, where they learn the practical skills of witchcraft, encounter dangerous faery folk and face the mysterious Erl King.

A fantasy adventure for ages 9+ full of folklore, natural magic and resourceful young witches!

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Cassie Morgan

Cassie is a bookish, clever girl who longs for adventure and magic. Seven years ago her mother left her at boarding school and disappeared. Cassie is desperate to find her and learn the truth about her family.

With the help of a grumpy, talking cat called Montague, she travels to the village of Hedgely and meets her aunt – the Hedgewitch. Cassie starts training to be a witch herself and is working towards her Witch’s Licence.

Hedgely Coven

In Cassie’s world, girls who want to be witches join the local coven – meeting once a week after school to train in the practical skills of witchcraft. They gather herbs, brew potions, fly brooms and make protective amulets.

For their achievements, they earn special badges and they have to pass something called the ‘Fledgling Test’ to earn their witch’s hats.


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Skye McKenna

Skye McKenna grew up in a mining town in the Australian outback. Surrounded by the red dust of the Pilbara, she developed a healthy respect for wild things and wild places at a young age. Longing for adventures of her own, she travelled to the UK and fell in love with the British countryside.

Skye now lives in Scotland and when she’s not reading and writing, she goes looking for stories in the hills and forests of her new home.

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