Cassie Morgan

Cassie spent seven years in a boarding school but now she lives with her aunt, the Hedgewitch, at Hartwood Hall in Hedgely. She’s desperate to find out what happened to her parents and rescue them.

Curious and clever, Cassie uses her wits to solve problems and discover the secrets of her magical new world. However, sometimes her emotions get the better of her lead her to take dangerous risks.

Cassie loves reading and her favourite coven activities are stargazing and runes.

Cassie’s familiar is Montague the cat
Her broom is named Tantivy
Cassie’s birthday is June 12th

Rue Whitby

Rue is the first friend Cassie makes in Hedgely. She grew up in the village and her family owns the village shop. Rue has three brothers and goes to the local school.

Full of energy and enthusiasm, Rue is always up for an adventure. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends and family but she can be very competitive at coven games.

Rue loves fishing and she is excellent at tracking and warding – a type of protective magic.

Rue’s familiar is Natter the toad
Her broom is called Blaze
Rue’s birthday is March 28th

Tabitha Blight

Tabitha moved to Hedgely at the same time as Cassie. She comes from an old witching family in Somerset. Tabitha has two younger sisters.

Kind and gentle, Tabitha always sees the best in people. Whenever someone is in trouble she is eager to help, but sometimes she struggles to make herself heard.

Tabitha lives with and looks after her grandmother. She is passionate about potions and always looking for new herbs and recipes.

Tabitha’s familiar is Wyn the white rabbit
Her broom is named Aura
Tabitha’s birthday is February 22nd

Ivy Harrington

Less of a friend and more of a rival, Ivy Harrington thinks she’s the best witch in the coven and she’s determined to prove it. She’ll do whatever it takes to impress the Hedgewitch and make Cassie and her friends look foolish.

Snooty and strong willed, Ivy works hard to reach her goals – perhaps she and Cassie may have more in common than they realise?

Ivy has an excellent singing voice and is good at just about every type of witchcraft.

Ivy’s familiar is Kastor the stoat
Her broom is called Vortex
Ivy’s birthday is November 8th

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