Hedgely Coven

Hedgely Coven

In the magical village of Hedgely, a group of thirteen young witches meet every Friday after school. In the Coven Hall they train in the practical skills of witchcraft: warding, mending and broomstick flying.

Together they brew potions, forage for herbs and fungi, carve protective amulets, learn how to track faeries and compete in coven games. Read on to discover what it takes to join the Hedgely Coven and earn you witch’s hat!

The Witch’s Oath

In the world of Hedgewitch – magic isn’t just for fun, it serves a very important purpose. Witches aim to know, protect and heal. They guard their families and communities from the dangerous faery folk and help anyone who needs it. When a young witch joins the coven, one of the first things they learn is the Witch’s Oath. A witch who breaks the oath is known as a Warlock!

I swear, by the seven stars,
To stir my cauldron in healing,
To weave my wards in defence,
To fly by the light of wisdom,
Standing with my sisters
In service of this land.


Witches earn badges for all their achievements. As they progress through each stage of their training they become Fledgling, Sapling and Sterling witches.

Skill badges are given out for things like potion brewing, broomstick flying and familiar care. Cassie, Rue and Tabitha try to earn their ‘Woodwitch’ badge. To do so they must learn the magical properties of trees, follow a trail of faery runes and survive a night in the enchanted woods!


Within Hedgely coven are three patrols: Oak, Ash and Thorn. Each patrol has up to six young witches, one of whom is the patrol leader – responsible for making important decisions and training newcomers. Every patrol has a ‘patrol corner’ in the coven hall where they store their brooms and potion-making equipment, they decorate their corners with coloured bunting, ribbons and branches of their patrol tree.

You can create your own patrol and patrol badge. To do so, you need to choose a colour and a wild plant or tree for your patrol name. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pine Patrol
  • Birch Patrol
  • Silver Gum Patrol
  • Banksia Patrol
  • Fern Patrol

Once you’ve decided, you can draw your patrol badge like those above. Skye would love to see what you create! You can send her a letter here.

Now you’ve learned about the Hedgely Coven – why not meet the young witches and find your familiar?