Seawitch – Book Three

‘Filled with warmth, wonder and mystery’ Aisling Fowler

Cassie Morgan is desperate to get her Witch’s Licence, but first she must earn her Sapling pin. The Hedgewitch sets her the challenge of training a beginner witch, but the newest member of her coven is not what she expected. Meanwhile, the wicked Erl King is convincing witches to come to his side with promises of power, and those who stand against him are running a deadly risk.

When a letter arrives from Cassie’s cousin containing an intriguing mystery, she travels to his home in Cornwall to investigate.

As a Faerie border town, Porthmorven has its own protector: the elusive Seawitch. But she’s locked herself away, and Cassie is determined to defend the people of Porthmorven from what’s to come. Cassie is going to need all her training and help from her friends, new and old, to solve the secrets of the sea and foil the Erl King’s plans once and for all . . .

Illustrated by Tomislav Tomic

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